Free Online Digital Marketing Courses And Exams

By | October 11, 2021

If you are interested in online digital marketing, then you should consider taking one of the many online courses that are offered. There are a variety of different courses from the best known names in the industry to more general courses. One of the better courses is taught at the famous Semrush Academy. The Semrush Academy offers online marketing courses and exams that are both comprehensive and extremely instructive. In this article, we’ll take a look at the course which is available at the Semrush Academy.

The first of the online marketing courses which the academy offers is known as the Basics of Digital Marketing. This 5 lesson course teaches the fundamental skills needed for online marketing. It starts off with an introduction to basic internet marketing terms and teaches you how to search engine optimise your website. The next lesson offers marketing fundamentals like content and design. Learning about these fundamentals will help you to understand how other internet marketers market their businesses. After this, you learn about search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, article marketing and social media marketing.

Free online digital marketing courses and exams  Semrush Academy

The Intermediate modules include advanced topics such as video marketing, content promotion, SEO techniques, email marketing and local listings. These offer additional training if you wish to learn more about one or more specific aspects of online marketing. In addition to these modules, there are also additional study materials and study guides which can be used when you submit the final exam. There is also support provided for students.

The last of the online E-learning modules is known as Web Development for Internet Marketers. This module gives you the opportunity to apply everything you have learnt about web development. It also introduces you to the various web technologies, such as Java, Flash and HTML. There are also practice exams for the test which you can take to gauge your skills and knowledge before taking the actual certification exam.

The course is suitable for people who already own a small business or someone who wants to launch their own venture. As you can see, it is quite extensive and goes into a lot of depth. However, the free online course only covers the basic concepts. If you want to learn advanced methods and strategies, you may require additional study materials and support. Some of these include consulting with a mentor, attending live workshops or seminars, downloading coaching software and books, and attending online coaching.

The course also offers a certification exam for internet marketers. There are six different exams and they cover a wide variety of topics. However, they are not just designed for beginners. The exams also cover advanced topics, for people who already know the basics and who wish to have higher rankings in their chosen profession. You can access these exams by registering for the free course.

The course is also accompanied by a series of tutorials that walk you through the steps you should take in order to pass the exams. These tutorials are available online so you do not need to worry about where you can access them. Some of these guides are written by experts in the field and provide valuable information that will guide you to success. Other guides are written by professional website developers and provide step-by-step guidelines. Either way, these guides are very useful.

Of course, if you cannot afford to pay for this kind of tutorial, you can always learn from the resources provided for the free online digital marketing courses and exams. There are a lot of online video tutorials available, which allow you to get a better understanding of how to use the various tools and techniques. Some of these videos are created by industry experts while others were created by members of the course. It all depends on your preference. There are even some free video blogs dedicated to the courses and they are just as helpful.

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